Dreams to Reality have finally got with the times!!

Posted on 11th August 2015
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We may be behind in terms of technology, but we are there, finally done it, our website is now tweaked to be mobile and tablet friendly! We don't need kidding to believe before it wasn't a nightmare to browse on anything smaller than a huge laptop screen. All those fiddly little menu's where you needed fingers the size of a mouse to tap on which tab you wanted, which normally ended up on hitting the one above. Cue frustrated growls and shutting off the website. 

So after many weeks of tweaking and editing the site, then our web designers working their magic and hey presto, finally you can browse and click on the things you actually wanted to!

Freshly live yesterday and (hopefully) all working fine and dandy, check it out on your mobile and see what you think (if you aren't on your mobile already that is!!). Of course if you see any boo boo's, please point them out to me - web design is not my forte but personally I think it is looking blimmin lovely!

Have a lovely evening

Frances x

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