A special keepsake speaks a thousand words...

Posted on 16th May 2014
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You spend weeks, months, if not YEARS planning your big day, and why not? It is going to be one of the biggest and best days of your life - you will have your friends, family, nearest and dearest around you to watch you start the next chapter of your lives. 

I don't know about you, but my planning flew past in a blur. We were engaged for just under 2 years and it just zoomed past, particularly the last couple of months getting all those final details sorted and confirmed. The day is of course AMAZING, wonderful and all those good words you can think of. A couple of years go by aftwerwards and the details become hazy - life goes on, work goes on, and dare I say BABIES come along! 

So, what i'm getting at, is that is is so important to keep those memories recorded and safe for years to come, so you can rememeber all those amazing things, share with friends and family and remember fondly how truely amazing that day was. I have every form of keepsake available - guest book, DVD, photo album, 2 keepsake boxes (full of complete random collectables!!). They may sit in the cupboard for most of the year, but when i sit and get them all out, I LOVE looking through it all.


A WEDDING GUEST BOOK may seem 'traditional' and 'the norm', but it is THE best way for your guests to record their notes and well wishes. They are small, compact and easy to pass around so that throughout the evening your guests can take their time to write special messages. I have to admit, the later the evening got the more debatable some of the comments got, but those are the ones that make me smile when reading them back!


I'm a hoarder, of everything, so it won't be a surprise i have 2 keepsake boxes! One stuffed full of wedding goodies and the other one full of honeymoon treasures. Everything I could think of (and that would fit in a box!) I kept - venue paperwork, an invitation (naturally!), menu and table name card, drinks coaster, my acrylic nails that came off on honeymoon (gross I know), the cork from the champagne, you get the idea! All tucked away safely where I can sneak off and have a peak and now my daughter is getting older I can't wait to let her have a rummage through and ask why I have some nails in my box!!


A PHOTO ALBUM is a perfect home for all your (no doubt hundreds of) photos. I know most photographers will include an album with your package, but often the photos taken by your guests are the ones that will have you giggling and seeing what really did happen on the tables that you didn't know about! I gave each table a disposable camera and let them loose - I admit half weren't any good (there are only so many close up shots of eyes and blurred photos you need to see) but the ones that came out well are priceless and managed to fill up 2 albums! Our large albums are like scrapbooks so you can fit in various sizes of photos and write little comments while your memories are fresh. You can never have enough albums - since having my daughter my album collection has exploded (we make BABY ALBUMS too!)

This has been quite a long post (sorry!) but I really really believe in keepsakes - they shouldn't be an after thought as then it will be too late. Remember the times that are life changing, record them, and look on them fondly for years to come.


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