A family affair...

Posted on 25th July 2015
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It's always reassuring to know who you are working with 'behind the mask' (or computer / phone / e-mail) so a little post about our family run business to show your stationery is in good hands. We may not be the fastest producers churning out within 3 days, but everything we make from start (blank A4 sheets of card) to finish (beautiful embellished stationery) is created, by hand, by 3 very hard working family members. We have tried sourcing out of family before and it didn't work for us, we NEED dedication, hard work and attention to detail which only we, ourselves, can give. So myself (Frances), my husband (Oly) and mum (Debbie) work endlessly to create what you see. Everything passes all of us at least once, if not 2 or three times, during the creation process so a lot of care goes into what we make. If it isn't right, or there is a problem with the printer no matter how small, we fix it and we start again. Our working day is advertised as during the 'working week', but realistically we work evenings, weekends, out of hours, anything to get the job done and stationery out to our brides. 

Enough waffle, here are some 'action shots' of our fabulous small hard working team!



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